And So We Beginnnnn, The Middle

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Over the past few months, a lot of your fellow CFY peeps have reached out looking for apparel to add some levity and cheer to counteract the effect of our current cultural climate. It's taken a toll on our relationships, our confidence, and our sanity. It's made us look forward to canceled plans.

If we had a dollar for every time we heard "Where's the voice for the reasonable people? The voice of the people between these two polar extremes.", we'd all be rich by now. 

After MONTHS of handling one-off special orders and resisting the urge to add "political" gear to our cheerful shop (and trust me, the resistance was STRONG with that one), we've decided to branch out and help be that voice for the reasonable people -- the voice of the people in the middle of two extremes. 

Today, we're launching The Middle -- an apparel and lifestyle company focused on helping the reasonable/depolarized/non-extremists in the middle elevate their voices and begin to re-connect with their confidence, sanity, and close relationships so we can begin to reunite our nation. 

Will Cheer For You continue? Absolutely! The Middle is simply a way to help you with the cultural unexpected while Cheer For You will continue to help with the unexpected in your personal lives.

We're very excited about this new adventure and hope you'll join us on this quest to reclaim the reasonable voice and help make America better than it ever has ever been. 

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