If you're like us, your tender heart struggles every single day; between the news, the violence, and the divisiveness, it all feels very suffocating.

It's making even the most loving people a tad hateful.

It's ruining our relationships.

It's making us look forward to canceled plans. (Or maybe that's just us.)

That's why we created The Middle, an apparel brand that helps the frustrated-reasonable-non-extreme people like us use our voices to reconnect on shared values, embrace our differences, and encourage others to live and let live. Values like equality, empathy, humanity, justice, and compassion. All without adding a ton of extra noise to the world. That way we can go back to loving each other and our differences and living our best lives the only way we know how. 

We're inspired by centrists, moderates, independents, and overall reasonable people who believe that the best things live in the middle/the nuances/the shades of grey of this black and white world.

We have no idea how this movement will affect the world and we know the middle can be extremely messy, but we know we want to live in a world where people are encouraged to connect and work together while staying complex and multi-faceted individuals, instead of becoming isolationists who only want to work with people like them.

If you're interested in being a part of this, we hope you'll join us and find the similarities with others, embrace the differences, and live radically in the middle.